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VizGig is a small consulting firm based in the United States. We offer real-time communication & response time to our US clients with an understanding of local needs.  We have over 12 years of professional experience in architectural design & visualization in California, Virginia, DC, Illinois and Indiana, and now offer services to clients throughout the United States and beyond.


Our firm offers a variety of architectural graphic services to provide your clients the ability to visualize your design ideas. Services include 3D modeling, photo-realistic rendering, CAD drawings, plan & elevation graphics and post-production image editing.


3D Modeling
AutoCAD Drawings & Graphics


The cost of a commission will be determined by the amount of hours needed to reach the final product.


We will take a look at the scope of the project to determine how many days it will take to complete. This is based on several factors, including size, level of detail and type of graphic desired.

For larger, more detailed projects, and especially photo-realistic renderings, the process may be broken up into stages, each of which will be reviewed for approval before continuing to the next stage.

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